About the artist

  Kelsey Vogan is best known for her layered oil paintings. Through her repetitious application of angular glazes, drips, and impasto, she allows her figures and landscapes to reveal themselves slowly. Vogan’s painting process lends itself to her interest in exploring the psychological landscapes encapsulated within layers of paint and other media.

A transplant from Northern California, Kelsey  received her BA in painting from the University of Puget Sound in 2013, and has stayed an active part of the Pacific Northwest art scene ever since. Vogan enjoys the community aspect of her art practice, engaging with museums and organizations as artist, speaker, and juror, as well as benefiting local charities through the sale and presentation of her artwork.

As a Tacoma artist, Kelsey Vogan’s artwork can be found throughout the city and surrounding areas. She can also be found at numerous events or through scheduling a studio visit.

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